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ross sykesWe have recently been under tremendous attacks from the Conservatives, who think that most of the disabled community are fit too work. We have seen the harsh PIP Assessment and disabled people being refused PIP and have had to go through the agonising system of taking the Government to a tribunal, which costs the tax payers 14,000.00 per tribunal court sitting. The disabled people are aggressively having their disability benefits cuts and some disabled people now are living bellow the living allowance, most are having their motability cars being taken off them, making it difficult for them to their GP and attend hospital appointments. Its not acceptable and this Gov must be stopped and so I hope you will help me campaign so that disabled people are treated fairly, democratically and with respect they deserve!

I want to listen to your problems but so does my party, The Liberal Democrats, we are very passionately and very supportive of Disabled Members and members of the disabled community. I am also disabled and suffer chronic pain and sadly I have been on morphine since 2008 and as I get older walking is becoming more and more painful to walk, so I know the pain you're going through, I know the difficulties you have, I suffer with the same and with frustration. Please join me so that we as a community can join together and let this Gov we are no longer going to be lying down and be treated badly as the Gov does. Join the Lib Dems Preston & Wyre and together we can make our country an equally country to live in and democratically.

Please subscribe to my quarterly Newsletter and if you would like to speak to me then contact me on my telephone numbers or send me your query via the Contacts Page. Together we can make life more easy for us if we all stick together and I am here to try and make sure that happens for everyone.


Ross Sykes

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