In June 2007, I had a serious accident which damaged my spine and woke up an aggressive degenerative disease. Unfortunately there is no surgery available to ease the chronic pain or to enable me to walk unaided so I walk with crutches and most of the time I use my wheelchair and on large doses of slow releasing morphine as well as fast release top morphine. I didn't ask to be disabled and I didn't wish for me to take morphine for so long!

In 2010 when the Tories took over, the aggressive attack on the disabled people made my blood boiled because none of us wanted to become disabled, none of us wanted to suffer the chronic pain that most of us suffer from. It was in 2010 that I decided I was no longer going to sit and watch television, to me it felt like God’s waiting room and I was too young just to sit around. I had been active all my life, but to suddenly come to a sudden stop is a shock to the system.

I am passionate on how the disabled people are being treated under this Conservative Government, especially with disgraceful treatment the disabled are receiving from this Government and especially the PIP situation which has affected those genuine disabled people, some who have put their lives on the line and served in our forces.

I will fight our corner and I will do my very best to represent our areas disabled community for a more quality of life and if we all stand together with the Liberal Democrats, we can make a big difference to campaign to be able to live equally.

The Conservatives are so happy in giving 100's of thousands of £££ to companies who probably dont need the investment but what about supporting disabled people who could set up their own business with a reasonable grant being given for things such as website, marketing, promotions and office materials. As a business I am lucky to be able to run my company from home and I am certainly pleased I am in a position to do so. I suffer from chronic pain and at times I could be talking to you either laying on the floor, on the bed to help with pain.

Enough is enough dont listen to The Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn promising the world for disabled people, its lies its fake, it is to trap those disabled people to sign up for membership and for you to vote for the Labour Party. Dont do it I ask of you. The Labour Party are equally as bad as the Conservative Party, the Party is riddled with prejudiced against disabled, why is there not a disabled member on the NEC Committee, on the Regional Boards, Policy Forum and Lancashire Labour Party Forum? That's the reason why I left the party after 10 years of being a paid member, I was up against Prejudiced with not just Snr Officers or Directors of the Party but Union Reps.

The one party that fully believes in everyone being equal and for us to have our say and not just The House Commons or The House of Lords is The Liberal Democrats, making this country equal to everyone.

ross sykes

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