Disabled drivers to be charged for parking at Preston & Chorley hospitals

Sadly I am going through a rough period of my life as I have Cancer of the Tongue. I always believe in “things happen for the best” and even though it its the big “C” that we all dread to here especially when its you. I saw my GP on Monday 13th November and the GP was shocked to see what she did and told me straight it could be cancer. My referral was fast tracked and on the 21st November I was seeing a cancer specialist. When I got to Preston Royal Hospital I was shocked at what I read, a notice that notified the Disability Blue Badge was now charging parking fee’s. This was like a red rag to a bull!!.

I read in the Lancashire Evening Post dated 1st July did an article that the Disabled Driving Spaces where now being charged for and yet the Executives of Preston Royal Hospital had been given a £25,000:00, so the Finance Director / Deputy Chief Exec yearly salary is £145,000.00 and probably the Chief Exec Karen Partington will be on maybe £160,000.00 I was at the hospital seeing my cancer specialist and was their for 80mins and my parking was £5.50 !! I am fortunate I maybe a severely disabled man but I am fortunate that I am the Director & Founder of Mike Ross Entertainments (MRE) Group Ltd and earn a wage. But the disability benefit is approx £5,200.00 per year and couldn’t afford to go to hospital, some will not go and will quietly die at home and will also see an increase of patience transport, which dont operate at the weekend.

I am going to campaign and campaign and we need to hit the hospitals hard through social media. The NHS wats the Labour Party’s help and support and yet the hospitals still charge for car parking inc the disabled! Hospital Expenses need to stopped, lavish lunches and dinners with expensive wines must be stopped immediately.

Most disabled people have the internet but some disabled people dont, so having done some research, there is a notice on their website informing you how you can claim back your parking fees if you have certain benefits. Its a hassle filling out any forms, so I wonder if the hospital cross fingers hoping no one will put in a claim!

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