Elliott Ardill 6 year old young boy has a very rare type of leukaemia. We need your H E L P

Elliott Ardill age 6 lives with his mum in Oldham.

He has a very rare type of leukaemia. This particular disease was last seen at Manchester Children’s Hospital who specialise in childhood cancers 5 years ago.

It is called Biphonetic leukemia this means Elliott is fighting two forms of leukaemia at the same time ALL which attacks the white blood cells and AML which attacks his bone marrow.. The cancer is aggressive and on admission his chance of surviving was put at 50/50.
He has been treated with lots of different strong chemotherapy drugs to try to bring his condition under control.

We were informed after over 45 days in hospital that this has not worked out. The next plan was to try out an intensive course of chemotherapy over the next 5 days there is no treatment regime because the chemo will be adjusted on a day to day basis.

It is hoped that this will beat back the cancer cells enough to allow a bone marrow transplant to take place. In addition he has suffered terribly from the side effects of chemo with Diarrhoea and vomiting and mouth ulcers he is often too weak to lift his head from the pillow he has to be fed by tubes one through his nose into his stomach the other through his heart. He has lost his hair and weighs only 2 stone because of the dramatic weight loss he has suffered.
His skin is so fragile they have consulted the burns unit for advice and have now called in a specialist nurse known as a tissue viability nurse to give advice on how to stop this deteriorating. He has to have frequent blood transfusions sometimes these are whole blood other times platelets which are specialist blood cells that stop you bleeding without the platelets he could bleed to death just because his body cannot make enough platelets.

He has all sorts of treatment to combat the side effects of the chemotherapy .

He was so poorly on Christmas morning he had no interest in opening his presents until he had been given morphine and an anti sickness drug.

On new years day his mum was delighted because he had put on a little weight and was able to sit up all by himself. Can you imagine how sick your child must be for you to be made up when he sits up without help.

Every day brings different battles today his oxygen levels fell dramatically and his heart raced and he had a temperature.
He has had very high temperatures between 40 & 43 which can cause fits. His oxygen levels have fallen many times when his blood cannot carry enough oxygen because of his illness.

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If you are a Celeb and would like to send a signed photograph to auction off then please get in touch with me [email protected] any donations would be extremely grateful. His parents sadly are on benefits and trying to do everything for their seriously ill son.

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