Whats the differences with those speak English & those who are Profoundly Deaf

Firstly I have to thank Adam Ball General Manager of Talent Cupboard, who has done a phenomenal job re-building the website and I hope you are impressed with it as I am. I also have to apologises for not keeping you up on blogs and the comings and goings with CLPs within North West, unfortunately, I haven’t been well at all and I haven’t been up to doing a great deal and that includes my own company! However, I am back in the seat following all the goings on within Labour Party, but what has come out in the last few weeks is that the Labour Party hasn’t been the all singing, dancing, loving Political Party it makes it out to be!! Within the Labour Party we have had CLP Secretaries and Chairman, point blank refuse to have the meetings video stream live, so some disabled members can take part at home. There are members and members of society who are afraid of open spaces, are scared to death being out in the big open and because of this, gives them sheer panic attacks. However, there are members who maybe confide to their bed or they can only breath either using oxygen or equipment. But these people still have a say on how things should operate and they still have rights and this should not be taken away from them because they are disabled or terminally ill!

I’ve been dealing with a lovely lady who’s son is profoundly deaf and doesn’t understand English. He had a job when he left school and he really enjoyed it till a new manager was appointed and lost his job due to the new health and safety rules he was bringing in. This young man doesn’t want to stay at home, he wants to work, he wants to save up for a deposit to put down on a house he may want to buy. He is a Vice President of Brish Deaf branch and volunteers a lot of his hours to make life better for others. He had a very rough time at University, who didn’t want him attending UCLAN and wasn’t going to help him. For 2 years he really struggled but with the support of his parents last week he passed his degree with honors. The first time ever a disabled student of UCALN to have a disabled Student to pass a degree with honors. He has to sign on like the others but the jobcentre wouldn’t interview him with an interpreter! If he didn’t speak English and only spoke a foreign language then they would have to supply a translator or interpreter, so whats the difference being deaf??? There is no difference at all

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