Disgusting service of Disabled Drivers License Renewals

I am a severely disabled man with 4 years of life left to live. But I dont sit at home waiting for God to say “Right Sykes come on its your turn now” I work and have worked with my disability since 2010 as a Freelance Entertainment Agent and Manager. In March 2017 I decided it would be much safer to have a Ltd company, so that my personal things were safe.

I am looking for a Layer to help me with a serious problem I have against this Government and they way it treats genuine disabled people. I was the victim of a homophobic hate crime against me by an upstairs neighbour and I reported this to the Police and to the Housing Association where I live. For the record if you are from the LGBTQ+ community stay well clear of Regenda Housing, rather than evicting this offender they only received a written warning and yet I am still the subject of dirty looks etc.

They got their own back on me by informing the DVLA that I was an unfit driver, which is absolutely rubbish! I received a final demanding letter on the 28th September and immediately got in touch with DVLA, they had sent several letter but I hadn’t received any apart from this one! I sent all documents off to them, which I did 26th July 2018 and again by guaranteed deliver on the 29th September, by the 25th October I still hadn’t heard anything, so I contacted my MP who got back to me and said they are sending out a G2 form to your doctor can I have your written consent for you by email for DVLA to Fax it to them today Friday 9th November. Garstang Medical Practice didn’t received it till 9:48 this morning!! I work part time to finance my company as an Exam Invigilator and have 34 bookings from 19th November – 21 Dec, who’s going to pay for loss of earnings!

I need a Lawyer to represent me the lies from DVLA is appalling and to trap a disabled man in his own home. I need monthly prescriptions, food shop. I live on my own, with no friends or family

Please Re-Tweet this for me to get the help I need before I loose my part time work and my company. How many disabled people like me do you know who wants to work and be looked upon as a person and not as a cripple. My email address you can get in touch is [email protected]

Thank you


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