Garstang Medical Centre

Fact: There is a national shortage of GPs. A record number of GP practices closed last year, forcing thousands of patients to find a new surgery, in spite of government attempts to stop local doctors shutting their doors.

NHS England data showed nearly a hundred practices closed in 2016, a 114% increase in GP closures compared with figures from 2014. Of the 92 practices that shut, 58 did so completely, while 34 merged with other local surgeries in order to pool resources.

Landscape Surgery started to run into problems with the GPs, one of the partner’s was retiring, which left only 3 partners. It took the surgery 12 months to employ a salaried paid GP, this was going to be a huge problem with the practice especially as Garstang was under huge threat of being over populated and our green fields slowly disappearing with new houses being built.

Landscape surgery decided to merge together and according to Dr Dingle they had a meeting with 30 patients, which was bizarre seeing as the practice ten’s of thousands patients registered on their books. Informing patients that things wont change apart from you have more GPs to see.

However its not good when a GP practice lies to you because its mere impossible to see your GP that you have seen for years to discuss existing health conditions. The word merger has been miss-used by the word take over! The GPs have now moved to Windsor and the centre is now been changed to Garstang Medical Centre. Most of the patients registered with Landscape Surgery, where patients from Windsor Surgery due to the fact that patients had had enough of rude receptionists, bad GPs, who were not that caring to patients and didn’t spend the 10 / 15 minutes with their patients.

Not only does hospitals need to be funded correctly but also GPs practices so they attract more GPs with better working conditions. If this was the case then Landscape would of been in a better condition. But if you’re having problems with Garstang Medical Centre, then you need to report problems to the NHS Trust

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